Frequently Asked Questions 


When will the playground be finished?

We hope to have the playground built and complete sometime during the summer of 2017 - assuming we raise the funds in time!

What happens after the playground is built?

We won't stop there. Our hope is to provide support for parents and families who find themselves in the situation we did - struggling with how to care for a child with an undiagnosed disease. The expenses involved range from travel costs to huge doctors fees, missed income to abrupt lifestyle changes, as a diagnosis is sought out. We hope to provide educational resources and financial gifts to parents who find themselves in need during such a strenuous and uncertain time. 

What types of disabilities will the playground account for? 

Our playground will be able to accommodate children AND adults with mobility, sensory, strength, and other limitations. There will be equipment that can accommodate both adult and child sized wheelchairs, an area specially designed for autistic children, and other equipment designed for assisted and supported play. See some of the renderings in our Gallery

how can i help?

We are still in need of about 50% of our funding. You can give here, and you can connect us with companies and other folks you think might be interested in helping! Click Connect to send us a message with suggestions. 

Long term we also hope to have resources available for families with undiagnosed children - if you think you'll be able to help in that regard, send us a message.

Visit our Connect page and ask away!

What if i have another question?